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Why Sterling Telecom for your mobiles?

Sterling Telecom have partnered with mobile specialists on the four major mobile networks, to enable us to provide expert support and advice on mobile telephones to our customers.

We will provide a free, no obligation audit of your current mobile contract and compare to the current market, to check you are on the best available tariff, and let you know if you can make any savings.

Key Benefits

  1. We will save you money and time by managing your account and liaising with the mobile networks. Along with our mobile partner we take responsibility for the support and deal with the network on your behalf. Although, the contract remains with the mobile network, so you can still deal with the mobile network direct if you want to. By working with us it just adds a level of support and independent expert advice.

  1. The mobile networks will never look to reduce your expenses but we do. We deal with all networks so can offer an independent audit across the market.
  2. Alterations to the account, such as moves, adds or changes can just be made by dropping us an email or calling us, and we will deal with it for you, leaving you to get on with your core business.
  3. We will provide you with continuity of care, enabling you to speak to the same people who understand your requirements, unlike when you call the network direct you will speak to someone different each time.
  4. Our flexible and proactive account reviews, using our expert knowledge to review your mobile account. We check that you are on the right tariff during your contract, ensuring you are on the right plan for your business.

O2 Centre of Excellence

O2 have demanding qualifying criteria for their partners to obtain the status as an ╩╗Excellence Partner.╩╝ They must provide excellent customer service and commitment to the business sector. Get first class O2 products and services, and specialist knowledge tailored to you, with O2 accredited partners.