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Sterling Telecom Energy Services

In January 2012 Sterling Telecom due to popular demand decided to incorporate energy (Gas and Electricity) requirements together with Telecoms. Our service is a free no obligation business tendering service, working with all the main Energy Suppliers on your behalf to check your current tariffs and contract terms to ensure you are on the right service and maximise potential savings. We can provide a free no obligation audit of your telecoms; energy and mobile telephone services to make sure you are on the best available tariffs to suit your needs. Our bespoke packages offer highly competitive and flexible rates.

  • Our customers save on average 35% on their annual Energy bills.
  • We negotiate the best wholesale rates with our suppliers, using our full business tendering service.
  • We continuously monitor the markets for the best deal and the best time to buy
  • We work with you to understand your business usage and needs, to ensure you are on the right price and the right type of meters.
  • Do you suffer from power failure during busy times? Let us find a solution for you!
  • We manage regular meter readings on your behalf to ensure you are paying the correct pricing, and receive no unexpected bills.
  • SMART meters – we can often secure FREE meters for you saving up to £750 per metre
  • We can consolidate multi sites, suppliers, meters, enabling the best price and managed service for contracts.
  • Our dedicated Energy analysts can create bespoke energy products from a large selection of suppliers throughout the UK.
  • We can provide flex, variable and fixed rate contracts over 1-6 year terms
  • Security deposits may be a problem we can work on your behalf to find the right supplier for you
  • We give notice to your existing supplier to ensure you do not roll over onto long and expensive contracts.