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Sterling Telecom offers businesses a complete Telecommunication experience. We can provide hardware, installation, maintenance, reporting and marketing software. Having such a range of products permits us to cater for any of our customer's business telecommunications requirements.

We provide the latest business phone systems on the market, ideal for all small and medium sized businesses whether you work from a single office, or operate through multi-site offices employing multiple home-based and mobile employees.

Over the years, we have teamed up with respected, market leading vendors to provide a wide variety of choice to our customers to suit their individual needs.

Improve user productivity and efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction with a range of business-focused solutions designed to expand the functionality of our communication platforms.

As well as enabling you to make, receive and manage calls efficiently, Sterling also supports a range of practical, sophisticated solutions that will help you to significantly enhance service to callers, improve first call resolution, ensure that there are fewer abandoned or missed calls and improve utilisation of skills and knowledge across your organisation.

Flexible and feature-rich IP telephony

Fully-featured, flexible and reliable IP telephony solutions, accessible to all sizes of organisation. Supporting smarter business communications, IP telephony converts voice into data packets which can be transferred over your existing data network, delivering key business benefits:

Key benefits of IP telephony:

  • By transferring voice traffic over your existing data network, calls placed on the same network effectively 'ride for free' which can help to reduce telephone bills.
  • Implementation of SIP trunking, also known as IP trunks, can also provide greater reductions in call costs, and disaster recovery.
  • Phones can be plugged into standard data ports, meaning your building only requires a single set of cabling.
  • Maintaining a single converged network, rather than separate voice and data networks, can deliver significant cost savings.
  • Regardless of where remote workers are located, they will be able to access the same key services and functionality as their colleagues based in the office enabling you to offer the same seamless service and customer care across your entire organisation.
  • IP telephony eases future growth, making it simple to add extensions or integrate new sites into the existing network.
  • IP telephony also makes it easy and cost-effective to include temporary workers or even a temporary office for ad-hoc projects, and consolidate resources such as operator positions in one central place.

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